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Welcome to the Live-Demo of webCDwriter

The server is currently running in simulation mode.

Make sure a recent Java™ is installed on your system! Get Java!

Afterwards you may use the below link to immediately start webCDcreator on your computer. Java™ Web Start will download the file webCDcreator.jar and ask you to accept a certificate issued to mail@JoergHaeger.de.

Start webCDcreator

Note: If your browser asks you to save the file start.jnlp, say "no", and make sure Java™ Web Start is installed on your system.

Note 2: Make sure webCDcreator can connect directly to port 80 of webcdwriter.joerghaeger.de.

Predefined projects

Ubuntu 6.06 "Dapper Drake" - Release i386

Fedora Core 6